VidProv is a Kea Software product

VidProv was created for the improvisation community by Jonathan Briden, under the umbrella of his company Kea Software. You can contact Jonathan in regards to VidProv at

Ongoing development

Due to the rapid nature of the development and deployment of this product, it is still undergoing constant improvement. Every effort is made to maintain the stability of the production version, but problems may still occur. As a user of VidProv you accept this as part of these terms.


Payments are currently voluntary, based on an honour-system. If you are making use of the system, please contribute to its continued costs. For simplicity, all payments should be in US$.

Application of law

Use of this product, including consumer protections, fall under New Zealand law.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy, which forms part of these terms, is maintained separately.

Data collection

When you log in with Facebook or Google, the system gets access to your name, email address, and profile image. These are collected primarily for use by the system. The email may be used to contact you in regards to an issues associated with your account usage, but will not be used for advertising purposes or provided to any third party, except where required under law.


Cookies are used to maintain information, such as keeping you logged in, as you move from the foyer to the main room.

Updates to terms

These terms will be updated from time to time to reflect changes in the product.