Common problems - and how to solve them

Cannot access camera / microphone

The problem

VidProv runs in your browser. If your browser cannot access your camera and microphone, it won't work. Check the following...

  1. Other app using camera/microphone. Make sure no other app is running that uses the camera or microphone. This is the most common problem people have had. They've been using Zoom, left it open, and then tried to access VidProv. It won't work if Zoom (or Skype etc) is open!
  2. System settings blocking camera. If you are security conscious, you may at some point have configured your system to NOT allow camera / microphone in the browser. This is an OPERATING SYSTEM level restriction.
  3. Browser settings. You may have blocked the camera in your browser. Even if you have allowed it, it could still be being blocked because of (1) and (2).

The solution

Make sure the camera is accessible. If the system says it's not, trust it, and check the reasons listed in the previous section.

Echo / feedback

The problem

Like any video conferencing platform (including Zoom, Skype, etc), you will get echo or feedback if your microphone can "hear" your speakers. When you say something, and it is transmitted to other participants, it's possible their microphone will pick up your voice, and you will hear it back. In particularly bad cases, this can result in a feedback loop where you will hear a loud continuous tone. See below for ways to avoid this.

The solution

A directional microphone (which is what most webcams have) helps. So does keeping your speakers away from the microphone, and keeping speaker volume reasonably low. The absolute best solution is for everyone to wear headphones or earbuds, because that way you hear the audio, but your microphone does not.

Video or audio lag

The problem

Sometimes a video/audio stream doesn't connect properly for one or more people. This results in a noticeable lag with either the video or the audio or both. For example, you may see the person's mouth move and then hear them speak a few seconds later.

Please note that a lag of around 0.5 - 1 second is normal for any video connection.

The solution

The room owner has a special "refresh all" option in their menu. Selecting this sends a system message to all participants to force them to close and then reopen the video streams. This can often resolve lag issues.

If "refresh all" does not work, it may indicate a network problem which is beyond the scope of this article.

Other errors

Refresh the browser. A refresh can sometimes sort out simple problems. A hard-refresh, clearing the cache, can be even better.

Bug reports

If a problem persists, please send in a bug report.