Keyboard Shortcuts

Please note, when in the chat box, these shortcuts do not work, because you need to be able to type normally. To make shortcuts work, close the chat window or just click tab to move out of the box.

Atoggle audio (microphone) on/offall
Bopen background selectorhost
shift +Brandom background imagehost
Copen/close chatall
Kopen breakout windowowner
Ltoggle lights on/offhost
Mtoggle mirrorall
Ogo on or off stage (to/from seat)all
shift +Orandomise orderhost
Rroom settingshost
Suser settingsall
Tset or reset timerall
Vtoggle video (camera)all
Wtoggle watch mode (standard)all
shift +Wtoggle watch mode (full-screen)all
Xtoggle broadcasthost
Escclose current dialogueall
PgDn or <make size smaller (scene mode)all
PgUp or >make size larger (scene mode)all
Homereset size to normal (scene mode)all
move actor around stage (scene mode)all
shift + quickly move actor around stage (scene mode)all
spacebarpause the timerhost