Welcome to VidProv


VidProv is a video communications platform specifically made for improvisation. It provides similar functionality to other video platforms, but with a bunch of extra things that let you run improv exercises, games, and scene-work in the virtual world.

Special features

VidProv has the typical features found in other platforms, such as video and audio conversations with multiple participants and chat, but also provides a variety of special features that allow for all manner of improv exercises and scene-work.

  • A grid mode, for general conversation that optimises screen space.
  • A circle mode, for games and exercises where you stand in a circle.
  • A scene mode, with a stage area that has simulated depth/scaling, where players can freely move around the space.
  • A cutout mode, where your face appears through a hole in a static image.
  • A selection of background images to be used on the stage, or in other modes. Custom images can also be uploaded.

Do you see what I see?

One of the important features of VidProv is that everyone sees the same thing in terms of position on the screen. This means that in circle mode, we all see the exact same layout of players and can therefore "pass" an idea around the circle in a meaningful way. VidProv also uses mirroring in a way that supports this, so that if I point to the person next to me in the circle, everyone sees it the same way that I do.

Current status

The product is in ongoing development, and there are still some minor quirks to iron out, but for the most part VidProv is reasonably stable as long as some basic advice is followed.

Missing link?

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If you are a room owner, and have forgotten your room's URL, please enter the email address for your account (the email associated with your Google or Facebook account) below and hit the remind button.

Further information

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